Sunday, 15 November 2015


When buying a new car, choosing the colour of the car is always difficult, with many people advising you to take this or that colour. I strongly recommend that you choose a White colour car. White colour car may not be the prettiest car or the white car may look dirtier than other colors when not washed, since mud splashes and dirt on the body will stand out more vividly than any other colour. But a white colour car is the safest car to buy in India and can be a life saver, just like airbags and ABS brakes, can prevent you from getting into accidents.
A White colored car is the most visible car, especially in low light. For example, the distance a white colored car will be visible to an on coming car or lorry in low light, will be at least 10 times more than a dark colored car. There are lot of scientific studies regarding this which we will give further down this page.
What this means is that, for example in low light, a lorry driver can see a white colored car stopped on the road, due to say electrical problems and without lights, at a distance of 100 meters. In the same situation a lorry driver will see a black car only at a distance of 10 meters,and he will have no time to brake and for sure a collision will take place. But for the white car, the lorry driver has enough time to apply brakes to avoid hitting a white car.

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