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Does #Vitamin-E #Heal #Scars?

Vitamin E is a generic term for a group of tocol and tocotrienol derivatives. Since the discovery that vitamin E is the major lipid soluble antioxidant in skin, this substance has been tried for the treatment of almost every type of skin lesion imaginable. Anecdotal reports claim that vitamin E speeds wound healing and improves the cosmetic outcome of burns and other wounds. Many lay people use vitamin E on a regular basis to improve the outcome of scars and several physicians recommend topical vitamin E after skin surgery or resurfacingMany people think that vitamin E heals and fades scars. Even doctors often recommend vitamin E to reduce or eliminate surgical scars. While vitamin E is an essential vitamin and is necessary for the proper functioning of the body,Unfortunately, evidence that vitamin E has this effect is mostly anecdotal. There’s little clinical evidence to support any of these claims There have been a few studies on the efficacy of vitamin E to promote scar healing, but the conclusions are that topical use of vitamin E does not help with scarring.The popular belief is that rubbing vitamin E oil onto your acne scars can help them heal quickly, and reduce their visibility. Ointments and creams that contain vitamin E and claim to clear scars — from acne, wounds, and surgery — can be found on store shelves across America.
Scarring and Vitamin E
Injuries to the skin cause wounds, and when the wounds heal, scar tissue forms. All people scar differently, and some are more prone than others. Scarring is a natural way that the skin heals itself. There are a wide variety of scars, including skin discolorations, pockmarks and colloids or hypertrophy scars. Scars can be depressed or raised. With depressed scars there is too little collagen or tissue at the site of the wound. With raised scars there is too much collagen. 
Collagen is the primary protein of the connective tissue that makes scar tissue. The fibers or strands of collagen give skin its structure, strength and elasticity. According to Dr. Joel Studding, a plastic surgeon, "It [vitamin E] works by reducing the strength of the three strands that form collagen, making them softer and more pliable.
We attempted to determine whether topically applied vitamin E has any effect on the cosmetic appearance of scars as suggested by multiple anectodal reports.
Technically, it reduces the strength of cross-linking of these strands." But one study done at the University of Miami concluded that vitamin E oil had no effect on scars. The study tested 15 subjects who applied vitamin E to scars twice a day for 4 weeks. At the end of 12 weeks, the researchers noted that in 90 percent of the subjects, there was no visible improvement of the scars, or the scars had become worse. Also, 33 percent of the subjects developed contact dermatitis from the vitamin E oil. This study has been criticized by other researchers for not using more subjects and for not using enough vitamins E.
Find out the truth about the many health claims of caprylic acid »Healing Scars
A 1999 study found that vitamin E and Aquaphor ointments had no difference on healing 90 percent of scars in people who had recently had patches of skin cancer removed. In addition, one- third of study participants who used vitamin E developed contact dermatitis, which is a red, itchy rash.
However, a 2010 study found that children with surgical scars who used vitamin E three times a day didn’t develop keloids, or extra scar tissue over the wound.
“Topical vitamin E before and after surgery improved surgical wound healing and improved cosmetic results,” researchers concluded.
Research on whether or not vitamin E can treat acne — as well as heal its scars — is also inconclusive.
However, while there’s little proof that vitamin E oil can help heal scars, it’s possible that ingesting it through food or in supplement form can help your body heal quicker.
Some research suggests vitamin E supplements can be effective for people with major skin trauma. While it won’t give you Wolverine-like regeneration abilities, vitamin E can support your body in several aspects of the healing process.
For example, vitamin E protects the body’s tissues from free radicals, which can damage cells and accelerate aging. It’s also critical for the formation of red blood cells, which distribute oxygen around the body. Both functions are vital to healing
Sources of Vitamin E
It’s best to get all the vitamin E you need from food. It’s abundant in green leafy vegetables (as if you needed another reason to eat more of them), nuts, and seeds, as well as fortified foods like cereal. The best food sources of vitamin E are green vegetables, corn, eggs, sweet potatoes, beans and almonds. There are also vitamin E supplements available as a pill or liquid in both natural and synthetic forms. Vitamin E oil is also available in natural and synthetic forms. The National Institute of Health states that the natural form of the vitamin is twice as effective as the synthetic.
The U.S. Food and Nutrition Board recommends the following daily intakes:
Daily Intakesinfants (0-6 months) 4 milligrams (mg)
infants (7-12 months) 5 mg
children (1-3 years) 6 mg
children (4-8 years) 7 mg
children (9-13 years) 7 mg
14 and older 15 mg
breastfeeding women 19 mg
Taking too many vitamin E supplements — more than 1,000 mg daily in natural form or 670 mg in synthetic form — can be harmful. It can thin the blood, increase the risk of bleeding, and even cause bleeding in the brain.
It’s always best to discuss the use of supplements with your doctor.

How to #Enable #Right-Click on #Firefox #Browser

How to enable Right Click on Firefox browser
Most of the visitors go to your site just for find some information, only a small percentage of the visitors with intention stealing the content of the blog and website. Often you may be looking to copy an image or view the source of a website page but once the right-click is disabled , these items would seem difficult .In addition to this , it can also be used to strengthen the site’s safety by adding some of the easy security features such as disabling right-click , Bank websites as well as other sites that need a secure transaction for instance a payment gateway are those to impose this sort of limited features on their webpages .
Enable right click on Firefox is quite simple, just follow below steps to enable it.
1.Open up Firefox web Browser, Choose ‘Tool’ –> ‘Option’.
2.Select ‘Content’ –> ‘Advanced’.
Enable Firefox right click

3.In Advanced Javascript setting wizard, uncheck ‘Disable or replace context menu’ and click ‘OK’. Then close all the wizard.
Firefox right click

Now try your Firefox in the website that disable right click and see what is the result ?

#Know Your Own #Mobile #Number

See your Mobile Number Airtel Aircel Vodafone Idea 
How to Check my Airtel Mobile Number
To Know your own airtel number dial the codes given below 
How to Check my Vodafone Mobile Number
To Know your own vodafone number dial the codes given below
How to Check my Aircel Mobile Number
To Know your own aircel number dial the codes given below
How to Check my Idea Mobile Number
To Know your own idea number dial the codes given below
How to Check my Uninor Mobile Number
To Know your own uninor/telinor number dial the codes given below
How to Check my BSNL Mobile Number
To Know your own bsnl number dial the codes given below

How To #Transfer #Balance From One #Sim To Another for Same #Operator

How To Forward Balance From One Sim Operator To Other Same Operator
Follow the instruction.
Type a sms as GIVE Mobile Number Amount and send it to 55567,example->GIVE 8023****** 30 to transfer Rs.30. 
Just dial *202*Mobile Number*Amount# example>>dial*202*0000005674*20# to transfer.
Just Dial*131*Amount*Mobile No#, example>>131*50*8011****86# for transfer Rs.50.
Just Dial *122*666# You can transfer 10, 50 and 200Rs
Type sms as GIFT mobile no amount to 53733,example>>GIFT 0000000000 20 to 53733.
Type a sms as BT Mobile Number Amount and send it to 54321,example->BT 8985****** 02 to transfer Rs.50.
Dial the number *367*3#.
Then enter *312*3# and mobile (mdn) number.
Enter the amount you want to transfer.
Enter the pin.
default pin is 1

How to #Increase #Pendrive File #Download #Speed

Pen Drive is one of the most usable stuff which we use daily to transfer files between computers, computer to Pen drive or from pen drive to computer. Those days are gone when we use CD ROM, floppy disk or any other removable media to transfer files. Now, pen drive is the best way to transferring files.As i Said, When You buy a New Pendrive it works Fast but as it gets older, The Data Transfer Rate Starts Decreasing.
USB Data copy download speed means the amount of data transported through the USB in a second; the amount always is calculated by KB, MB or GB for blazing fast USB. There are 3 types of USB ports, USB 1.0 (older and very slower), USB 2 .0 (used almost on all PCs) and USB 3 .0 (the newer and fastest one, can reach 1 GB per second.
Data Transfer Rate Depends on Types of Files You are Transferring. Songs, Docs, Videos May get Transferred very Quickly.
Data Transfer Rate also depends on Locations of Files. If you want to transfer a bunch of files to Same Drive But another Folder then it will get Transferred very Fast. But if You want to Transfer Files from one Drive to another then it will Take some Time Comparatively. Likewise in Pendrive.
USB Port Version 2.0 is Most popular and the computers which are manufactured after year 2000 Have 2.0 Usb port Version. This version of USB port give you the Speed of 35mbps (Theortically)
Why the USB copy Speed Matters?
When copying a folder to your Pendrive , that file has a size and the Pendrive has a download speed, you'll be waiting for the document to complete transferring since the folder file size is very big or the data *move is very slower.
See examples :
Example 1:If the file is sized 1.5 GB
And the Pendrive speed is 5 megabytes per second (the normal rate of speed on almost all the USB flash drives)
Here's a small calculation about the duration of the download:
1.5 GB x 1024 = 1536 megabytes
1536 / 5 MB = 307.2 Seconds
You'll be waiting around 5 Minutes and 7.2 Seconds for this particular download
Example 2:
If the folder and files is sized 1.5 GB
And the Pendrive speed rate is 30 MB per second (an improved speed)
You'll be waiting Only 51.2 Seconds
A difference of 4 minutes 16 seconds or extra can happen if your Pendrive is so slow carrying documents. Here's a smart trick to increase the speed rate of copy thus decreasing the waiting time.
How to increase Pendrive Data download speed rate 
1) First of all, connect your pen drive to the computer.
2) Go to the Pendrive and Right Click then Format . . .
3) Change the file system to NTFS as it supports larger file copying
) Unchecked Quick Format then press Start
5) Now again go to the Pendrive, Right Click -> Properties
6) Go to Hardware tab, select the Pendrive from the
hardware list then click Properties
7) Check the radio button Better Performance then click OK.
Important note: If you change the device policy and check on Better Performance then you must always eject your pen drive only after clicking on safely remove your USB option in task bar and it is always recommended to remove the pen drive from USB port when it is not in use.
After performing all above steps successfully, the data transfer speed of your pen drive will be more than double. Now you will have not to wait for a long time during transferring any file.

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How to #Buy Clothing #Online?

Online shopping can save you time, money, and a trip to the mall, but reckless online shopping can actually end up causing you problems. When you buy clothes online, make sure you buy the clothing you need in the correct sizes. Shop around to find the best prices, and keep your guard up to avoid scams and disreputable sellers.The facility of online shopping has proven to be very advantageous for people who love to shop but don’t really have the time or the resources to go out for shopping. The popularity of online shopping is increasing day by day. Working women especially prefer shopping online because of the shortage of time.
However many people argue that shopping online ends up in a mess. This is because you don’t usually get what you had ordered. And when it comes to women casual dresses,issues arise because of the sizes. The clothes don’t are either too big or too small. Here’s a guide that might help you in shopping online for your dresses.
1Each manufacturer may size clothing differently, so you cannot rely on a standard small/medium/large scale or numeric size scales. Since you cannot try on clothes before you buy them when shopping online, accurate measurements are essential.Take your own size first. You need to have an accurate size for yourself, so that when you are buying a dress online and it asks you about your size, you have a fair idea and you don’t end up buying the wrong size for yourself.
Take your measurements
At minimum, women should know their bust, waist, and hip measurements. Additional measurements, such as height, inseam, and arm length, may also be needed depending on the garment being purchased.
Men should know their chest, neck, waist, and inseam measurements. Additional measurements, including arm length, shoulder width, and height may also be needed.
For children's clothing, parents should know their child's height, waist, and hips. Girls also need a bust measurement, and boys need a chest measurement.
For newborns and toddlers, parents should know their child's height and weight.
Also, know the season you're shopping for. For many of us, summer time is all about living easy and enthralling in the warm weather. Whenever warm weather is upon us, women decide to mix things up a bit and go out wearing shorts. In the fall, long blue jeans make your body warmer. So know the season you're shopping for.
2.Check each garment’s sizing information. Most manufacturers have a standard sizing chart they use for all their clothing, but many online stores sell items from a range of manufacturers. Check the product description of each garment you consider purchasing to double-check how the sizes are measured. You may discover that you are a small by one manufacturer’s standard, but a medium by another’s standard. It is also advised that you buy a size larger then you actually need and then get it altered by your tailor.
3. There are websites like Business Arcade that provide with a zoomed in view of the dress you are interested in. This helps in deciding whether you actually like the dress or not. 
4.Make a list of what you need. If you decide to shop for multiple items of clothing at once, write down everything you need before you get started. Doing so will help you stay on track and may help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by choices. Depending on where you're located, many seem to flock to Amazon or Wal-Mart because the price meets the demand. If in Europe or the Middle East, the Amazon alternative is Jumia. In Russia, it's completely different than Middle Eastern or South American countries, and so forth. So really narrow your search down after finding which sites will offer your clothing based off location.
5. People argue that you can’t buy clothes without trying them on first. Believe me that’s not the case. With the launch of brands like Khaadi and sapphire there is a standard size for everything. And if you wear the clothes of such brands often you will know which size will fit you the best.
6Avoid distractions. Only look at the clothes you know you need. If you only intend to buy a new dress, avoid looking at tops and accessories. Otherwise, you risk wasting time looking at clothes you don’t really need, and may end up buying something extra and out of budget.
7Try on your clothes as soon as they arrive. Many online stores accept returns, but only within a limited time frame. Try on your clothes as soon as they arrive at your door. Do not remove any tags or stickers, since doing so may hinder your ability to return the item if it does not fit.
Staying within Budget
Set a budget. In order to avoid over-spending, you need to know how much you can afford to spend. Review your financial situation and determine how much extra money you have available.
Shop around. The true beauty of online shopping is convenience. Within minutes, you can check out the selection at multiple stores, all without leaving your chair. Take advantage of this convenience by comparing the prices and selection offered by several reputable online stores. You may discover that two stores are offering similar garments for vastly different prices.
Search for deals. The easiest way to do this is to sign up for email newsletters with various online stores you frequent. These newsletters frequently include information about sales and clearances. Otherwise, quickly visit the online storefronts of different sellers and note which ones have sales going on.
Shop wholesale. Many wholesale sellers require you to be a reseller to make a purchase, but not all do.
True wholesale requires you to purchase large quantities at one time, making it a good option for basic necessities like underwear and socks.
Retail wholesalers purchase large quantities of clothing at wholesale prices, then sell those garments with very little mark-up. As a result, clothing purchased from a retail wholesaler is often much cheaper than clothing purchased from a standard retailer.
Check shipping costs before you commit. Shipping costs and additional check-out fees can dramatically drive up the price of your purchase, especially if you end up buying from a seller in a foreign country.
You should also make these costs a factor when you compare prices at various store
The unfortunate truth is that no matter how much effort you put into finding clothes that fit, some just aren’t going to match your body. In fact, I once tried something on in the store, which fit perfectly, then ordered it online (because it was cheaper) and… it didn’t fit right. What do you do when this happens?
You could keep it and deal with it as is, but most people will end up returning it. This is why it’s crucial that you always read and understand an online retailer’s return policy before you make a purchase. Some stores are plain awesome and will both provide a box and pay for return shipping. Others will put the brunt of the expenses on you.
There’s a lot of preparation and research that goes into clothing shopping online, but it’s worth it in the end. Personally, I’ve experimented across many online retailers over the past year or so, but now I have a set list of places that won’t disappoint me. This has saved me a lot of time and frustration and now I can comfortably buy clothes that fit me straight from the Internet.

Do you regularly shop for clothes online? What tips do you have when making a purchase? How do you avoid buying clothes that are too small or too big? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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How to #Bypass #Captcha in #Irctc for #Tatkal

I have observed that IRCTC has change the format of the Captcha in Tatkal hours which is very difficult to read, because of the size and the strikeout line which make it more difficult to read, according to my observation if anyone enter captcha quickly without paying attention to it then there is 75-90 % or probability that you will get Captcha error message.
In non Tatkal hour captcha is very clear and easy to read and error rate is 10- 20 % or less. So IRCTC intensely putting these difficult captcha in peak Tatkal hour, but question is why?
What Is Captcha
CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". It is one of the best methods to stop people using the official website unfairly. Agents started using computer programs which allegedly booked hundreds of tickets within seconds of tatkal opening time. Finally irctc website decided to implement this method, so that such agents don't get the extra edge over common people. 
What is IRCTC Captcha – IRCTC Captcha is an image with some alpha- numeric character which is unique for every page load/refresh for all users. 
Why IRCTC Put Captcha- IRCTC or any other site have captcha to stop spam or automation script run on site. 
ByPass Captha:
Bypass Captcha word in Irctc site is the important issue for ticket booking of tatkal is concerned. It is hard to Bypass Captcha word in Irctc for common people but there are some software which are capable of reading difficult Captcha letters.
Rumola Captcha Solution: Rumola is a Google Chrome and Firefox Extension which can be used to automate the captcha, than what is the problem? 
Rumola is not free and it will charge you with heavy amount in US Dollar. 
The major problem with Rumola is speed, it will take more time and manually you can fill captcha faster than Rumola 
And last it is Captcha automation and you can’t rely on it so I advise you to fill yourself manually and follow below step. 
If you are internet and software expert then you can find information about free software in the various website. you will get details on How to Bypass Captcha word in Irctc with full details.
Enter this captcha manually. Don't try any plugin or software because the chances are that the plugin/software will take more time to process the image than the human mind.
Size Problem: Size of Captcha image during Tatkal hour is very small so increase the size of image so that you can read captcha easily. You can do that by zooming your browser (I have zoom out around 200%) After Zoom Captcha is clearly visible
Once Captcha is Entered reset zoom
Reload Captcha: Most of the time IRCTC send incorrect Captcha in Tatkal hours if you reach passenger detail page quickly, so trick is always reload captcha when passenger detail page is loaded, you can do that by clicking refresh captcha image. It will not more than 1 or 2 sec to reload captcha. 
Pause 5 sec: Ounces Captcha is loaded then give a pause of 2-5 sec and read captcha carefully. Paly safe if you enter wrong captcha then you have to fill it again and in whole process you will waste around 15 to 20 sec, so my point is wait 5 sec is always good instead of wasting 20 sec. 
Confusion in letter ‘J’ : Always reload Captcha when there is letter ‘J’ or give a pause for 5 sec and make sure if J is capital or small letter. 60 % of error is coming in captcha which is heaving latter ‘J’, where people confuse between small and capital case. You can avoid this issue only when you pause for 5 sec.If get hard captcha then refresh it quickly. You must refresh captcha word when it include letter j, k, y, z, as these look same in capital and small. 
Typing Skill: Always Type Captcha with single hand and with single finger. Typing with single hand & single figure is slow but your success rate is increase by 10 – 20% 
Captcha Length: Make sure that you are visiting Passenger Detail page first time after login. If you have visited passenger detail multiple times with same login session then there are chances you will get long or difficult Captcha to enter. 
Login Time: Try to login between 09:50 – 09:55 AM IST. 
Practice Make a Man Perfect: Practice entering Captcha before booking Tatkal ticket. 
So anybody knows the trick to solve Captcha for Irctc then please comment on the topic below comment section.

How #Easy to #Root #Android #Mobile without #Computer

Rooting is the Android equivalent of jailbreaking, a means of unlocking the operating system so you can install unapproved (by Google) apps, update the OS, replace the firmware, overclock (or underclock) the processor, customize just about anything, and so on.

Of course, for the average user, rooting sounds like -- and can be -- a scary process. After all, "rooting" around in your smartphone's core software might seem like a recipe for disaster. One wrong move and you could end up with bricked handset.
Root any Android mobile using apps on the handset itself With no help of PC
step 1
On Your Android gadget open
Settings security device Administration Unknown source
(Tick to permit it)
step 2
Download and also install KingRoot APK on Android device
step 3
Open the application you will be able to notice the below display
step 4
Now, tap into on the ‘ROOT’ Button to start the Root process.
Now, kingRoot will begin the Rooting process
step 6
Within just a few minutes you will be in a position to notice the Big Green tick,
Which means that your smartphone is rooted properly?
step 7
Restart the Android mobile.
Congrats Your Android device is Now Rooted
step 8
Download Root checker apps from store to verify whether the phone is Rooted or not
Take Into Account
KingRoot is extremely powerful application that allows you to Root Android devices from Android 2 .3 to 5 .1 having no problems.
During this course there is absolutely no loss of information, it will not affect any of your contact or data files.
Voiding your warranty: Some manufacturers or carriers will use rooting as an excuse to void your warranty. It’s worth keeping in mind that you can always unroot. If you need to send the device back for repair, simply flash the original backup ROM you made and no one will ever know that it was rooted.
Security risks: Rooting may introduce some security risks. Depending on what services or apps you use on your device, rooting could create a security vulnerability. For example, Google refuses to support the Google Wallet service for rooted devices.

#Save #Internet-data#Money.

Although I always use broadband with unlimited plan, this maybe helpful for people using dongle, limited use broadbands, data card and 2G, 3G SIM based mobile internet.
1)If you are using gmail that run in Firefox or Chrome then you is losing lots of internet data as gmail consume huge mb of data when I open it using the above mentioned browser.
I know Firefox is the user friendly browser and 80% of internet user making use of it. So friends to save internet data install Agent Switcher for firefox and select browse as Internet explorer 6 from the addon.
Once you open in normal browser the
2) Do not open the same resource on webpage always Download things like PDFs.
3) Always keep on your cache and cookies. So that when next time you load the page which uses same images, texts and preferences. These resources will be fetched from local computer(Literally No data usage for these). Cookies are used by websites which will store your preferences information and enhance your website experience by choosing already set preferences by you. For example, when I use BookMyShow, my cookies save that earlier I had set Jabalpur as my current city and thus this will load Jabalpur's Movie shows and not the default landing page of BookMyShow.
4) Use email client (Example Mozilla Thunderbird, outlook) to check emails and compose emails instead of the web client. Web client consume unnecessary data in showing ads, loading new images, etc
5) you can download Jabber, gtalk, yahoo chatting client, skype instead of their web page version for chatting.For example, Use of yahoo chatting client instead of chatting in web gmail version is will consume less data.
6) Use of Command line web browser in Linux. Lynx (web browser). I believe this greatly reduces the data usage, as by default it does not loads any images(Configurable). CLI based use of browser uses less data than GUI based.

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#Tips To #Book #Confirm #Tatkal #Ticket:

The reservation under tatkal scheme will open at 10am on the previous day of journey from train originating station for AC classes, whereas that for non-AC classes will start at 11 am on the previous day of journey from train originating station.
General waiting list (GNWL) is favored over tatkal waiting list (CKWL) at the time of chart preparation as per this indian railway circular. Therefore, booking of confirmed tatkal ticket is of utmost importance as waiting list tatkal ticket has very less chances of confirmation and tatkal tickets do not go through RAC. Following tips will help you in booking confirm ticket in tatkal quota through irctc website
1.Create more than one credentials for logging on to irctc website. If you have only one login details, borrow one from your friend or family. Trying to book ticket parallel using multiple browser/computer always increases chances of getting a tatkal ticket. DO NOT use same irctc login details on multiple browsers simultaneously as irctc can detect it and log out you from all sessions.
2.Make sure tatkal quota for your journey opens one day in advance. It might open two or more days in advance, if the train reaches your boarding station on second or more days of its running. For example, if you want to book tatkal ticket from Nagpur to chennai in Chennai Rajdhani Express (12434), the tatkal booking opens 2 days in advance in this case from your journey date as the train reaches Nagpur on 2nd day of running. 
3.Keep Id card details such as PAN card or driving license of one of the passengers handy. This way you do not have to search for it after you have started the booking process. 
4.Save some time by entering passenger details beforehand. Fill passenger details before 10am for ac class and before 11am for non-ac class, you need not fill them again and save a couple of minutes this way which increases your probability of getting confirmed tatkal ticket. This is how you should do so: 
5.Login into the irctc website 5-10 minutes ago and do these before 10am for ac ticket and 11am for non-ac ticket. 
Select origin destination, choose date as today’s date and enter ticket type and click on ‘Find Trains’. Now select quota as TATKAL and click on BOOK NOW for today’s date for any train. 
Enter passenger details including id card details and mobile number. Now instead of clicking on ‘Next’ which will take you to payment, click on ‘Replan’ which takes to back to the ‘Plan My Journey’ page. 
Exactly at 10am (or at 11am for FC, SL and 2S) put your correct journey date and try booking. When you come on Passenger Details page, you will see that all the details which you entered before are still there. So just enter the captcha and click on ‘Next’ for payment. 
6.For AC classes, try booking in 2A (second ac) first. For most of the routes, 2A gets filled less quickly than 3A inspite of lesser berths. 
Avoid trying to book ticket on trains for which tatkal tickets have already exhausted. Keep checking parallely current berth availability for tatkal quota on trainman. 
7.Make payment using netbanking (preferable by HDFC or ICICI bank) as this is the fastest mode of payment. If you choose to pay by cards you need to enter long card numbers and lot of other details which takes time. Since irctc has made OTP verification mandatory so one should keep their phone nearby to get OTP details from phone. 
8.If you are not able to book tatkal ticket for ac classes, you can try your luck for non-ac classes at 11am again. 
Tips To Book Confirm Tatkal Ticket
Auto Fill Extension: Use Auto fill extension, By using this extension you can save your journey detail and your detail will automatically filled during Tatkal hours. 
Login Time: Login In IRCTC in between 10:50 to 10:55 AM IST and Make sure that you are visiting Passenger Detail page first time after login. If you have visited passenger detail multiple times with same login session then there are chances you will get long or difficult Captcha to enter. 
Captcha Problem: Around 60% fill incorrect captcha and because of this there booking time increase to 20 to 30 sec depend on their internet speed. Please read full article how to resolve captcha error.
Internet Speed: Having only autofill extension is not enough for you it will just fill you data in no time but main criteria to book IRCTC Tatkal in just 20 sec is your internet speed. If you don’t have good internet speed you can’t book in 19 sec. below are my few suggestions: 
Always use good Internet services provider like BSNL, MTNL, Airtel etc., using local internet services provider may cause lots of trouble I personally face issue when my internet was down at 10 AM : 
Check with your have Internet services provider that your IP address is not share with other customer because IRCTC allow only 2 Tatkal booking with same IP from 8 to 12 PM IST, so make sure you have unique IP address or get one from you ISP. 
Try to buy 2 MBPS speed pain if it is out of budget you should have 1MBPS, you can find good tariff plain in market. 
Close all application which is using internet service, page like Facebook, Gmail, Skype they use internet while you are not browsing anything, so keep only IRCTC . 
Computer Speed: Most people have good internet speed, autofill extension but still not able to get confirm ticket in 20 sec why?? 
Many don’t know is that apart from you internet speed your computer speed does matter while booking Tatkal ticket. 
Use browser carefully, Firefox is good browser but it use more of your computer resources, so If you have running Firefox in low RAM machine then it will cause problem for you. 
Google Chrome is best browser, it use low of your machine resources and work faster than any other modern browser in Window machine 
If you have Anti-Virus software installed, make sure you disable it in Tatkal hours, because Antivirus software will scan all your inward and outward traffic, time taken is in micro second but it will make different when you are booking IRCTC Tatkal ticket. 
Always restart your computer machine before you book tatkal ticket, always clean you temp memory these step help in increase your computer speed. 
Close all application which is running on your computer. 
Payment Getaway: Choose best payment getaway which take less time to process your transaction. I have observed that most of the public are using SBI debit card or net baking this make SBI payment getaway very slow and sometime not responsive and you get an error message “connection Time out or server not responding”. 
Try to avoid SBI payment gateway in festival session. 
Use net banking or debit card of private bank like (HDFC, ICICI) or use Credit card which is very fast in festival session when compare to SBI gateway 
Avoid payment gateway which have too many page redirection. 
Network Latency: This term is not common to general public, I will explain you it in detail: IRCTC web server are located in New Delhi and anyone who is booking Tatkal ticket from Chennai will take more time when compare to person who is booking ticket form New Delhi. I will not recommend you to use proxy server here because they can steal your payment detail, so make some friend form New Delhi who can book your tatkal ticket :. Although Time difference is in micro second so you can ignore it. 
 Train SelectionAlways select a train which have more no of seat compare to train which have less seat. 
Always keep some backup plan when booking Tatkal ticket, like take help form you family member or friend and open two sessions for same train in different machine and continue till payment gateway. If one session fails then continue with other one, If you get some error and re-login after 10 AM makes very less probability to book confirm ticket. So second session always help to continue and chances are very good to get confirm Tatkal ticket. 
Save Pages in Browser Cache: Browser like Chrome & Firefox save static content in there cache, which means when you visit site page first time then it will download for IRCTC server but when again you open same page then browser first check that page in its cache if page found it won’t download it form IRCTC server, you can any time reload whole page by pressing Ctrl + F5. Browser save static content like JavaScript, Image, CSS and static HTML file in its chase. 
All above point are just suggestion that I have observed form past long time; you are not bound to use these points if you not happy with them. 
Please comment your experiences after applying above trick or if you have any more tricks then your email me or add it in below comment. 
If your trick is good enough and unique then I will add it in above article with your name/site. You can mail me your feedback 

11 #Adventures you #Must-Try

Every individual is born with a tint of adventure spirit, but very few people are lucky enough to arouse their inborn adventure spirit and develop it to the full of their capacity. Adventure Trips in India is committed to identify the adventurous self in an individual and boost their confidence to trek to the peaks of Himalayas or dive deep under the ocean

Do you believe that travelling is a soul-searching experience -- where you get to learn as much about yourself as you learn about the new place, culture and nature's wonders?
Then here are some experiences you should be giving a shot sometime soon.
1. Rafting

There are only a few things that appeal to adventure enthusiasts more than the thrill of riding on the wild waters of untamed rivers, or white water rafting as it is called. The rush of gushing waters, the tremendous force you must exercise to manoeuvre the water currents, the team spirit and the adventure that come along make this water sport a must-try.
If you are a beginner, you could opt for rafting experience in Dandeli or Coorg in Karnataka, and Kolad in Maharashtra.
If you're a little more sporty and adventurous, you could try rafting in the Ganges in Rishikesh, Tons in Garhwal, Teesta in Sikkim, Brahmaputra in Assam, and the Zanskar Valley.
Depending on the length of route and the intensity of the rafting experience, it could cost you less than a thousand rupees to about four thousand rupees.
2. Scuba Diving
The experience is like watching live an episode of marine life on National Geographic channel.
Diving a few meters into the sea, you are transported into what feels like a different world all together.
From corals and schools of fish to other species, which you probably have never heard of, you see them all.
For many people just one diving experience makes them crave for more. If you are among those, you can get a PADI certified and dive anywhere in the world.
A single dive generally costs about Rs. 4,000 and the PADI certification course will cost Rs 25,000 to 30,000.
The places you can opt for scuba diving experiences are the Andamans, Goa, Pondicherry and Netrani Island in Karnataka.
3. Trekking
Seeing the golden glow on the snow-capped Himalayas as the first rays of sunshine fall on Sandakphu...
Feeling the vastness of Mother Nature at the flower valley in Uttarakhand...
Seeing the clouds enveloped like a blanket below you when stand on top of a cliff, or treading on frozen rivers, is just a sneak peek into what awaits!
India has numerous trekking destinations with varying difficulty levels.

For beginners or even seasoned trekkers, the options are unlimited.
There are numerous trekking expeditions organised by experienced trekking clubs like YHAI, India Hikes, Bangalore Mountaineering Club, Mumbai Hikers and Great Hyderabad Adventure Club.
You could join one such trek and get to experience the real fun of trekking.
The cost is affordable and depends on the number of days involved in the trek.
From treks that last a less than a day to ones that last for more than a week, from snow-laden mountains to rocky terrain and green cover, you have choices galore.
4. Jungle trails
From learning to identify footprints of animals, spotting wild birds, squirrels, insects, reptiles, etc. and knowing more about their ecosystem –- jungle trails are the best introduction to wildlife.
You'll walk for miles through the jungles which would mean walking through slushy paths, deciduous cover or thick green canopy, sometimes battling mosquito bites as well.
Many forest reserves offer guided jungle trails and it's something you shouldn't miss. Just trust the guide and enjoy an experience of being in the wild.
5. Outdoor camping
Rent tents, camping equipment and drive to the nearest open space that brings you close to nature.
Wake up hearing birds chirping, laze around, munch on some snacks that you might have brought, and explore the outdoors.
At sunset, enjoy a chat with your buddies –- about the future, life in general, relationships, spirituality, and crack some silly jokes.
As night transcends, enjoy star gazing, the sound of crickets and other little insects, and slowly drift off to sleep.
I am lost in thoughts writing this description. The real experience is too good to be paraphrased in a few words.
6. Cycling trails
Once a childhood passion, cycling is now becoming 'cool' among adults.
It is becoming a sought-after sport with many enthusiasts hitting the road on weekends, pedaling more than a hundred miles to and fro.
The most popular adventurous cycling tours include Manali–Spiti Valley–Kinnaur Valley, Shimla–Jalori Pass–Manali, Manali–Chandertal Lake–Lahaul Valley, Nilgiri mountains, among others.
Also most metros have a number of cycling tours close to the city which are ideal for a weekend plan.
Even if you don't own a good sporty cycle, you could rent one and join the enthusiasts who organise such cycling tours. Come on, no excuses. It's time to pedal your way!
7. Motorcycle expeditions
Motorcycle expeditions have become the symbol of free spirit. A number of motorcycle clubs organise bike trips -– from unheard rural villages to the highest motor'able' road in India.
They are not only well-organised, but they also ensure that you follow all the road safety rules throughout the ride. There are also women-only rides organised by groups such as Bikernis.
Enjoying lunch at a road-side dhaba, asking a villager to hop on and dropping him off at the nearest destination, to taming the roads is all part of a motorcycle expedition.
You get to meet new people, learn more about different places and enjoy what life has to offer. Put on your helmet, start your motorbike and vroom away!
8. Bungee jumping
While a number of places offer bunging jumping from cranes and tall towers, you could give them a pass.
But, you must try bungee jumping at Mohan Chatti village in Rishikesh.
A platform built over a rocky cliff, 83 meters above the ground, it's probably the only place in the country which offers bungee jumping from a fixed platform.
Why you should try this? Well, it helps you get over your fears. The jump costs a little more than Rs 2,000.
9. Safari in 4X4
Explore the salt flats of the Great Rann of Kutch on a full moon night, the abandoned town of Dhanushkodi in Rameshwaram or the Thar desert.
The experience of the safari in 4X4 to these places will be more than just an unforgettable memory.
10. Kayaking
Learn a little bit of kayaking and explore the virgin backwaters of Kerala, Goa or the numerous rivers and tributaries that India is blessed with.
The Himalayan rivers are great for expert kayakers, however beginners could try kayaking in parts of the river which flow smoothly and the currents are manageable.
Sadly, there are not many takers for this sport so far -- except for recreational kayaking.
11. Exploring hidden or unknown waterfalls
India's green cover is blessed with numerous waterfalls –- unheard and magnificent ones.
For some, you just have to trek a few kms until you get to see the waterfall in its real splendour.
There's much more to see than the Jog Falls in Karnataka, Dudhsagar Falls in Goa and Nohkalikai Falls in Meghalaya.
Heard of Vantwang Falls in Mizoram, Lodh Falls in Jharkhand and Teerathgarh Falls in Chattisgarh? No?
And you were secretly feeling jealous of those Facebook posts of your friends in front of Niagara Falls?
These majestic falls are in your country, so forget Niagara Falls for now.