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#NARMADA-PARIKRAMA #Route #Guide and #Distance

|| नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर ||

The Narmada , an important river of central India, rising in the Maikala range, of east – central Madhya Pradesh. Emerging on the summit of the plateau of Amarkantak on the north – eastern apex of the Satpura range in Rewa, it enters the Arabian sea below Bhuruch, after a total course of 1289 K.M. journey. The Narmada stirs the simple rustic people to devotional fervor.To know about Types of Parikrama click here.

#NARMADA #PARIKRAMA by Car or by bus is now very much popular and its popularity is growing day after day. Some traveling agencies are conducting this tour from Amarkantak, Omkereswar, Maheswar and other big cities situated nearby Narmada. The total distance to cover is about 4000 K.M. and takes 17 to 20 days to complete the total journey. NARMADA PARIKRAMA by car or by bus covers only the main places of religious interest situated near road. Sufficient food and drinking water must be reserved. Emergency medicine, minimum tools for repairing car/bus and other necessary items must be taken in car/bus during journey.


Amarkantak To Kathpore via NARMADA temple complex, Mai-ki-bagia, Sonemuda,Yantra Mandir, Kapil southern bank. Dhara, Dugha Dhara, Durga Dhara, Jaleswar Mahadev Pataleswar Mahadev and many other temples, Ashrams and Dharmashalas.
Ma Narmada complex temple

Amarkantak– Maharajpur 225 K.M. Krishna,Ram, NARMADA and Mahadev temple at Maharajpur.
Sashatdhara Mandla

Maharajpur–Bargi Colony 230 K.M. temple at Bargi Colony. Nandikeswar Mahadev, Ganesh and Hanuman 
Nandikeshwar Mahadev
Bargi Colony–Jateswar 100 K.M. Hill station, very beautiful place within forest, Tripura Sundari Mata temple at Jateswar.
Tripura Sundri mata temple Jateswar
Jateswar–Panchmari 290 K.M. Famous hill station, remarkable natural beauty,reserve forest, Gupteswar and Jata Sankar Mahadev, Pandava cave, water falls, hotels and guest house.
Bee Fall Pachmarhi
Panchmari–Hosengabad 150 K.M. Famous place at the bank of NARMADA, Gayatri, NARMADA , Jagadish, Bankey Bihari and other temples, many Ashrams and Dharmashalas.
Sethani Ghat Hosengabad
Hosengabad–Handia 140 k.m. Hridhinath Mahadev,NARMADA and Radha Krishna temple,Vibek Ashram and Dharmashalas.
Riddhnath Mandir Handia(M.P)

Handia–Omkereswar 220 K.M.         Most important place during NARMADA PARIKRAMA.

Omkereswar hill Parikrama is also a spritual journey to the NARMADA devotees Omkereswar is one of the twelve famous Jyotirlinga in India. Mamaleswar Mahadev is also considered as a Jyotirlinga in the south bank of NARMADA. Other important places are Kuber Bhander Tirtha, Kherapati Hanuman temple NARMADA Kaberi Sangam, Rinmukteswar Mahadev, Sidhanath,Gayatri temple

and many other temples, Ashrams and Dharmashala.
Omkareshwer Bathing Ghat 

Omkerswar– Khalghat 100 K.M    Beautiful place near Agra- Mumbai highway No. 3. Hanuman temple and Markandeya Ashram at Khalghat.

Khalghat–Sahada 170 K.M. Ganapati temple and Dharmashala at Sahada.

Sahada– Rajghat 200 K.M. Rohini Tirtha, Dutta temple at Rajghat.
Karnali Important holy place

Rajghat– Gora Colony 260 K.M. very important place during NARMADA PARIKRAMA. New Shulapaniswar Mahadev temple. Attractive natural beauty around the temple.
Shulapaniswar Mahadev Temple
Gora Colony– Jagadish Madi 120 K.M. kushumeswar and Kundaleswar temple, continuous Ram Nam for last 14 yrs.

Jadish Madi– Kathpore 70 K.M. Rinmukteswar ansd Alikeswar Mahadev, Ram temple and Kali Mata temple. From Alikeswar village motor boat service is available to reach northern bank of NARMADA. The first village of northern side is Mithi Talai. NARMADA PARIKRAMA by car may be started from here.
Rinmukteshwar temple

Mithi Talai– Mangaleswar 93 K.M. Mangalnath Mahadev Shet Baraha Tirtha, Bharadwaj Ashram,Dhany Dham Ashram of Anandi Mata at Nikora village.
Dhayan yoga center Anandi Mata at Nikora

Mangaleswar–Nareswar–Malsor 65 K.M. Nareswar-Kapardiswar Mahadev, Rang Abadhut Ashram, Dutta temple and many other Ashram and Dharmashala. Malsor-Angareswar and Pandaveswar Mahadev, Pancha mukhi Hanuman and Satya Narayana temple and many other Ashram and Dharmashala.
Angarshwar temple Malsor

Malsor–Tilakwada 100 K.M. Tilakeswar and Gautameswar Mahadev, Shapta Matrika temple, NARMADA temple, Ashram and Dharmashala.
Tilakeshwar Temple

Tilakwada–Hapeswar 100 K.M. very attractive natural beauty of NARMADA. New Hapeswar Mahadev temple. Hapeswar is the central location of Shulapani forest range.
Hapeswar Temple

Hapeswar– Koteswar 120 K.M. Very beautiful location at the bank of Narmada. Koteswar Mahadev and Kanak Bihari temple.Ashram and Dharmashala. It is an important place during NARMADA PARIKRAMA.

Koteswar– Mandu 130 K.M. Hill station, historical place of Baj Bahadur and queen Rupamati. Palace of queen Rupamati, Rewa Pond and Nilkantha Mahadev.Tourist place,hotels and guest house.
jahaj mahal Mandu

Mandu–Maheswar 60 K.M. Maheswar is a famous city since ancient time. It is an important place during NARMADA PARIKRAMA . A lot of temples and Ashrams around the city. This place is developed by the queen Ahallya bai, a real devotee of NARMADA Mata and Mahadev.Matangeswar, Jaleswar, and Biswanath Mahadev temple. Palace of the queen Ahallya bai. Sahasrarjun, Ganesh, and Pandarinath temple

.Maheswar– Madaleswar– 130 K.M. Mandaleswar– Ratneswar, Gupteswar, Biswanath, Harihareswar, Jaleswar, Nemawar Chatra Ganesheswar Mahadev. Ram temple and Dutta temple. Nemawar– Central location of Narmada Parikrama path. Siddhanath Mahadev temple,Annapurna temple,ancient Dutta temple, many other Ashram and Dharmashala. It is also an important place during NARMADA PARIKRAMA.

Nemawar– Nilkanth 60 K.M. Dutta temple along with Swami Basudevananda Saraswati and Rang Abadhut Maharaj. Mahadev temple and NARMADA temple. The river Kaushalya merges with NARMADA at Nilkanth.
Nilkanth– Budhni 80 K.M. Mahadev temple,NARMADA and Gopal temple, Dharmrshala at Budhni
Budhni ghat
Budhni– Pataighat 200 K.M. Mahadev temple, Ashram and Dharmashala at Pataighat.

Pataighat– Bheraghat 120 K.M. Famous place during NARMADA PARIKRAMA near Jabalpur. Dhuadhar water fall and marbel rock. Tripura Sundari temple, Choushat Jogini and Mahadev temple Sarada and Durga temple. Many Ashram and Dharmashala.

Bheraghat– Mandala 140 K.M. Very ancient and important city of Madhya Pradesh during NARMADA PARIKRAMA. Sahasrarjun, NARMADA, Durga temple. Many Ashram and

Radha krishna mandir
Mandala– Pali 220 K.M. Pali is famous for Birsen Devi temple. Nearest Railway Station is Birsinghpur.
Ballaleshwar Dev Sathan Pali
Pali– Amarkantak 200 K.M. End of NARMADA PARIKRAMA after worshiping the Mother NARMADA at NARMADA temple complex.

It is said that Narmada is the daughter of Har or Shiva. She was born out of Shiv’s sweat, she is Shivsutaa and Jatashankari. She also called Brahmacharini, many meditator for sadhna & meditation prefer bank of narmada.

Important Note:

Maintain discipline, it is an adventurous spiritual journey around the sacred river through hills, dense forests, gorges, ravines, rocky patches, caves, plateaus and plains.

1. Aprox expenditure for this 10 days journey will be Rs 50,000/- .

2.Omkareshwar-Amarkantak-Omkareshwar its 3163 Kms.

3. One can start  parikrama, by performing parikrama of Omkareshwar.

4. Before to start the journey must carry Identity proofs like an PAN Card or Election Card to get stay in Hotels.

5. Put the banner "Narmada Parikrama" on the vehicle, it helps us.

6. Keep the tank full/CNG of the vehicle at the available petrol pump as well as yours (Drink adequate water at least 4-6 liters mineral water bottles).

7. While taking food at roadside dhaba type hotels, requirement about spicy, etc shall be clearly stated (normally preparation will be more spicy); even at stay locations, being small villages/cities, need to be ordered at least before 2 hrs.

8. Looking at road conditions, forest & hilly area, try taking light food during travel;  Prefer taking shev-poha, samosa, mung dal wada, potato pakoda and fruits right from the morning breakfast & taking dinner as required & available at the stay location.

9. Ensure the identity proofs are taken back, Try to plan travel upto 4.30-6.00 p.m, At each stay location, kindly inquire & review your plan; add if any locations can be included; Ensure route & road conditions; Donate biscuits, chocklets, note books, pencils, good usable clothes, etc to adivasis, wherever possible.

One can have the following preparation based on the winter season

1. Had daily regular requirements - cloths, Sweater, Shawl, Kantopi, tooth brush, tongue cleaner, medicine;
2. Portable commode;
3. Tubeless tyre puncture kit;
4. Bedding, bed sheet, blanket, pillow;
5. Eatables snacks;
6. Photo Identity proofs - Pan Card & Election Card
7. Address proof
8. Bucket & jug for bath
9. Camera - rechargeable cells in two sets
10. A candle and a match box, Torch or Emergency Lamp
11. Mosquito spray, mats with unit, coils with stand and a match box
12. Puja Sahitya: Bottle for Narmada Water, Agarbatti, Haldi, Kumkum, Chaval;

One can read book written by Shri. Suhasji Limaye, “Narmade Har | Har Narmade”, to get the feel of parikrama by walk, which also helped us in fine-tuning the travel plan. One can also read "Samporna Sri Narmada Parikrama", the book written by Shri. Sanjayji Shrivas of Amarkantak, where in the importance of tirtha on the bank of Ma Narmada is narrated with reference to purana.

|| नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर | नर्मदे हर || 
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