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Agonda Beach is a fine 2km stretch of white sand framed between two forested headlands.Agonda is a great spot for sunbathing, relaxing and swimming, with still relatively few tourists. Agonda is a nice long pristine stretch of beach. Though the waters here might not be the most ideal place for swimming (you have better beaches with calm waters in Goa), Agonda is definitely a place for those who want to quit on a Monday morning. Agonda is generally cheaper, quieter, hassle-free and has much less "touristic" feel.
Agonda Beach basically has one long road parallel to the beach line, most rooms and bungalows for rent are located either between them or on the opposite side of the road. In the center of the beach, there is Agonda Church and even a local school/college (funny enough called Agonda University) to the right of it. Many local children go from/to there in the morning. Another road goes up from the church, crosses the river shortly after and goes through the village to the junction with a main road from Chaudi and Palolem, which are both to the right. To the left, this bigger road crosses the village until the beach road joins it near the river mouth and northern end of the beach, then continues on in the direction of Cabo da Rama.
The coast road between Betul and Palolem passes through Agonda village, while the main traveller centre is a single road running parallel behind the beach.Travellers have been drifting here for years and seasonal hut villages – some very luxurious – now occupy almost all available beachfront space, but it’s still much more low-key than Palolem and a good choice if you’re after some relaxation.Agonda’s beach is simply divine; wide, quiet and picturesque, with a turtle centre in the middle protecting precious Olive Ridley eggs. This is not, however, the place for a leisurely swim; the beach shelves steeply at high tide and the surf can be rough, but for a sunset walk or a long lazy day, Agonda encapsulates romantic Goa at its very best.Agonda beach is the perfect beach for anyone who simply wants to relax away from it all. This seemingly endless pristine beach stretches for around 3 kilometers and it's lined with simple beach shacks. Hawkers aren't allowed on the beach, so you'll be able to remain refreshingly undisturbed.
Agonda is not without things to do
Lots of foreigner-run yoga, meditation and ayurveda courses and classes set up in season, and local boats can take you on trips to other beaches or to spot dolphins. The surf can be a bit fierce and swimming is not as safe as Palolem, but lifeguards are on patrol. At the northern end olive ridley marine turtles nest here in winter. They’re protected courtesy of a forestry department-staffed beach shack, and the buried eggs are cordoned off for their safety.
Patnem is located in south Goa, 43 kilometers (26 miles) from Marago and 76 kilometers (47 miles) from Panaji.
It's 10 minutes north of the much busier Palolem beach, south Goa's most popular beach. So, if the solitude at Agonda gets too much, you won't have far to go for entertainmen
Getting There
The closest railway stations to Agonda are Marago on the Konkan Railway, and Canacona (also known as Chaudi). Canacona is a 20 minute drive away from Agonda and the journey costs around 200 rupees in an auto rickshaw.
Marago is 30 minutes away and costs 600-700 rupees in a taxi. Alternatively, Goa's Dabolim airport is around one hour away. A taxi from the airport will cost 1,000-1,500 rupees. Head left after you've exited the airport to find the prepaid taxi counter.
Getting to Agonda
Scooters and motorbikes can be rented from lots of places on the beach road for around ₹250/350. Autorickshaws depart from the main T-junction near Agonda’s church to Palolem (₹250) and Patnem (₹300). Taxis are around ₹50 more.
Local buses run from Chaudi sporadically throughout the day (₹12), but make sure you get one to Agonda Beach, otherwise you’ll be let off in the village about 1km away.
Weather and Climate
The weather in Agonda is warm weather throughout the year. Temperatures rarely reach more than 33 degrees Celsius (91 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day or drop below 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) at night. Some winter nights can get a bit chilly from December to February though. Rain comes from the southwest monsoon during June to August.
What to Do

A typical sun and sand holiday. 
Local Fishermen take you on dolphin rides. Bargain hard and a boat can take up to people, costing Rs 800. 
Hike on the hillocks. 
Ride through the countryside on the way to cabo de rama, cola beach with its beautiful river which is always warm. 
A meeting place for spiritually interested people. Here is Samdarshi's mediation Ashram in wintertime (Eden-Garden close to the northend) with Satsangs, and free Osho mediation techniques, dancing evenings. 
Cola Beach (or Khola Beach) is a remote, unspoilt beach for those seeking complete peace and relaxation.
Blue Planet Wellness Retreat, Agonda - Palolem road, Canacona,  there are daily yoga classes, a solar heated pool where you can have an Aquatic Bodywork session 
The Space Wellness Centre, Palolem to Agonda Road.The Space Wellness centre offers yoga, meditation, pilates, fitness workouts, and inspirational workshops, a deli, and a restaurant. 
Yogamea Yoga School, Agonda Palace, Near St. Ann's Church, Agonda Beach, Goa.
There are stores stocking basic supplies in Agonda, as well as internet, phone and currency conversion services. HDFC Bank ATM is located near the church.More shops, a Saturday market and several ATMs are a 20-minute drive away in the local town, Chaudi.
Where to Stay
Most people choose to stay in a coco hut on Agonda beach. This guide to the best Goa beach huts has some recommendations.
Alternatively, Om Sai has clean and cheap huts by the beach. Hangout, new at the northern end of the beach, has impressed its guests. At the southern end of the beach,Fusion is a funky place with 10 garden huts, live music nights and a flea market. If you're looking for something a bit more upmarket, H2O has sea view cottages on the beach. Also check out Agonda White Sands huts and villas.
For something different, if the thought of a jungle retreat a little distance away from the beach appeals, you will love Kaama Kethna.
Where to Eat
Fatima's Corner is possibly the most popular restaurant in Agonda, so much so that it can be a struggle to get a table during the tourist season. The seafood is reasonably priced and delicious!
The ambient Simrose has an outstanding position on the beach, as well as some of the best food (and beach huts) around. They grow their own herbs and vegetables, and even bake their own bread. It's the perfect spot for some romance or to sit and watch the sunset with a drink.
For super fresh and healthy food, try Nature Organic. It's easy to miss this gem of a restaurant, as it's not on the main road. However, it's well worth the effort to find it (look for the sign south of Saint Anne's Church, near the entrance to H2O resort). The local Goan owners are a young couple who have come up with an inventive menu that will even appeal to non-vegetarians.
Where to Party
If you're looking for party places on Agonda beach, you're likely to be disappointed. It's much too chilled out. However, south Goa's biggest outdoor dance club isn't far away! Head to Leopard Valley on the Palolem-Agonda Road to dance the night away.
Stay safe
Agonda is a fairly safe place. While you should retain your common sense, lock the door and windows when going out, and not to leave your valuables unattended, chances to have any problems in Agonda are very slim. Even sellers offering useless "souvenirs" on the beach are much less annoying and less frequent here than in Palolem or northern beaches.

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