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#Narmada #Jayanti 2016: Sunday, 14th February 2016

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Narmada Jayanti 2016: Sunday, 14th February 2016
Narmada river is one of the most sacred of the 5 Holy Rivers in India; the other 4 sacred rivers are Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari & Kaveri. Narmada Jayanti is observed annually on Shukla Paksha Saptami in Magha month or the seventh day during the waxing phase of moon in Magh month according to Hindu lunar calendar The day celebrates the birth day or the appearance of Narmada River (Maa Narmada) on Earth. Narmada Jayanti 2016 date is February 14.
The day is of great significance. On this day devotees worship river Narmada  in Amarkantak,Mandla,Jabalpur,Budhni,Hoshangabad,Omkareshwar,Maheshwar,Nemawar and at many ghats in Madhya Pradesh that brings peace and prosperity in their life. Amarkanta, in Madhya Pradesh, the origin of river Narmada, is a popular place to observe Narmada Jayanti. 
Jabalpur’s Gwarighat is popular for Maha Arti of Narmada River during Narmada Jayanti. On this day lakhs of the people lighted numenrious lamps in the water of river to make the prayer ritual. It is a sign of happiness and won over evils of life.Pilgrims and the devotees float various kinds of oil lamps on the water of Narmada strongly praying for their desire. There is a great belief among the devotees that after following a holy dip in the river Narmada, all the sins of the devotees are washed away by the holy water and gain prosperity as the Mother river forgives them for their misdeeds. As per Hindu religion, one is gets redemption of sins by just seeing Narmada River.
There an interesting story of Raavan losing on the banks of this river to a king that most people don’t know. 
According to Valmiki Ramayan, When Lanka’s king Raavan had defeated all the kings, he went to Mahishmati Nagar (today’s Maheshwar) and challenaged the king Sahastrabahu Arjun. That time Sahastrabahu Arjun was bathing in river with his wives.
Raavan then decided to wait in his nagar, but when he saw the flow of River Narmada, he decided to Shiva Tapasya. The place where Raavan was worshipping Lord Shiva, Sahastrabahu Arjun was just a few kms away playing with his wives in Narmada.
Sahastrabahu Arjun had eight arms and he easily stopped the flow of River Narmada, which resulted in river flowing on the banks. The place where Raavan was worshipping was completely drowned by Narmada. When Raavan came to know about this, he sent his soldiers to find out the reason.
The soldiers told everything to Raavan and then he challenged Sahastrabahu Arjun for a fight. They both fought on the banks of River Narmada. In the end, Raavan lost and Sahastrabahu Arjun put him behind bars. When Raavan’s grandfather, Pulsatya Muni came to know about this, he came to Sahastrabahu Arjun and requested him to free Raavan. Sahastrabahu Arjun freed Raavan and became his friend. 
According to Skanda puran, Narmada River has always been stable during floods or any other devastation.. As per Maharshi Markand, both the banks of this river has 60 lakh, 60 thousand pilgrimages. This is the only river in the world, whose parikrama is done. Maharshi Markand, Agatsya, Kapi and many more rishi-muni have meditated on the banks of this river. Out of the 12 Jyotirlings, one of them Omkareshwar is on the banks of this river.
The river Narmada is also called as Shankari, the daughter of Lord Shankara because of its origin.. There is a famous saying in the Hindi belt of India “Narmada Ke Kanker utte Shankar which means “pebble stones of Narmada gets a personified form of Shiva” These pebbles are used for daily worship of the Hindus.The birth of Narmada River is closely related to places Amarkantaka and Narmadakund. The Kund is surrounded by various temples of Shiva, Annapurna temple, Rama Janaki temple, etc. 
Amarkantak Narmada Kund
A statue of the river goddess Narmada is worshipped on the eve of Narmada Jayanti by various pilgrims who visit from different cities, states across the country every year in this particular period. The river was created in the form of beautiful and lovely girl, who made all the gods to fall for it and hence named as Narmada.There are also a lot of people who start parikamma of the river on this day. The day has importance in the religious places only and on the common man life one cannot see the effects of this day much.

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