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Earn Money by Posting Article on

#Earn#Money by #Posting-Article on
You can make money online a variety of different ways, but you’ve probably learned that blogging can be very lucrative.Any one can Earn Money by Posting article on
In India making blog as Blogging is also a way to earn Money.
Pay Per Click (CPC) is what an advertiser pay to search engines and Internet publishers for a single click on their advertisement, which directs one visitor to the advertiser’s website.
Google’s Adsense program is the biggest player here. It’s pretty simple to get running as a publisherger. You sign up for an account, use their tool to build an ad code, and then paste it onto your site. People click on those ads and Google pays you x amount per click. Hence the name “pay per click.” This is a great way to make passive income.
Basically they bring together advertisers and website owners and in return you split the profit with them. Google pays 68% of the money that they typically receive. They’re basically charging a third in commission, but two-thirds of something is a whole lot more than 100% of nothing.The ads are contextual which means that they are selected based on your website’s content. They come in both text & graphic banners, and have various ad sizes. With you littel contribution you can earn a lot. Select your stage for article writing and keep posting.
Decide To Start Today

TODAY. No, not tomorrow, not next week, and not next month. Tomorrow always feels “safe” because you’re not having to make a decision. The power of today is that you make that commitment to yourself. And that is the first step to success.
This step is the most critical one, and it’s where most people get stuck. Don’t dream about doing something. Just get up and do it. 
In India there are 15 best blogging and publishing platforms on the Internet are available , like Blogger, Wordpress,Medium,Svbtle,Quora and Tumbler etc. Most of these are free blogging program. Where you could start build audiences and deliver content to readers. 
After Creating some quality content blogs that provides value and helps to your audience and after 6 months with high-quality traffic, apply for adsense publisher account and earn a lot from this. 
Among all of above blogging and publishing platforms students like Google blogger as the free and one of the best articles writing sites. Because it's a product of Google so you can easily get many helps for Google. also a perfect place to earn some Income from your unique article. 
Here I provide procedure step by step and guideline how to setup Best your article writing blog and start posting them.
Step-1: At first visit and then sign in with your existing Google account or make a new one. And opt for best niche for your site. 
Step -2: Now select a better blog name for your new blog. Your site name may be catchy, easily remember and attractive,shot. Here are some points to consider when picking a domain name.
Keep it short and simple
Stay away from numbers and dashes
Pick a name that easy to spell and memorable
Don't use any copyright or trademarked names
Use keywords that are relevant to your topic
Stick with a .com, .net,.in or .org domain extention
If it's available, always try to register Your
After setting your blog name your site looks like in preview. 
It's also important to note that millions of domain names are already registered, so you might have to get a bit creative with your name. 
Don't go crazy trying to find the perfect domain. Pick something good and go with it!
Step -3: Select a template for your blog which is nice looking and SEO friendly. Selecting template for a site is a very important part. So students select one from the blogger store or download from anywhere. 
Step -4: Now your frist blog is ready to launch, publish your very first article. Then submit your site on various search engines (Google, Being, Yahoo, AOL etc). So you can get more visitors on your site by search engines. 
Step -5: Arrange the layout and others wedges for good looks of your blog. 
Now, publish some great article on education related topic and strictly not to copy contents of other high ranked website. When you will earn Income from your site. It’s very difficult to get approval from Google adsense for publisher account as your site is new and not contain huge contents. Writing your first blog post, choosing a new theme and getting new visitors to read your blog.

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