Thursday, 17 March 2016

India's First 10 kW Floating Solar Power Plant

Floating solar power plant in West Bengal, India India's First 10 kW
Floating Solar Power Plant 
Date of Commissioning - 24.12.2014 
INSTALLATION Owner Arka Renewable Energy College Project 10 kW
Location New Town, West Bengal Module Type Polycrystalline - 250Wp 
Connection Type Grid connected Installer Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd. 
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Rated System Power 10 kW Number of Modules 40 Space Coverage .025 Acres 
Inverter Solar Grid Connected Inverter: 1 nos. 
Coordinates Latitude:22 o56'N; Longitude: 88 o46'E 
Annual Energy Yield 1765.3 kWh 
Number of Avg. Homes Powered Lightening the Park along with the street lights of the adjoining areas CO2 savings per annum(approx.) 2942.167 Kgs/yr 
The 10 kW floating solar power installation in Rajarhat, Kolkata is the first of its kind in India. The Project was part of an R&D venture jointly undertaken with Arka Renewable Energy College in Kolkata and New Town Kolkata Development Authority and was funded by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. The solar power facility was designed using 1 kW fibreglass PV modules to produce a minimum of 14 MWh of solar power annually. 
Objective The main objective was to explore unutilized water bodies and not consume the ever-decreasing land. The requirement was of a solar power generating system that would be suitable for any water body, with the flexibility of being expanded in any other given environment. 
Challenges The biggest challenge in this Project was installing the solar power plant in water. The system had to be suitably designed to stay afloat and be able to withstand the force. 
Planning and execution Following extensive research and planning, the floating solar power facility was designed to be completely flexible and efficient. The system consists of ten 1 kW fibreglass modules which make up the floating platform or pontoon. The floating mechanism functions successfully with the system anchored firmly to the bottom of the lake and connected to the grid using submersible cables. The installation consists of 40 highest efficiency 250 Wp Tier 1 Eldora Prime Series polycrystalline modules and a Kaco-made inverter. The inverter’s inbuilt data logger is used for remote monitoring via GSM modem and a bi-directional meter is installed to monitor the NET export. 
Results Vikram Solar is proud to have successfully completed the installations of India’s first ever floating solar power plant. The overall system is designed to last for more than 25 years and generate a minimum of 14MWh solar power annually.

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