Saturday, 9 April 2016

Shine in the dark ( Night Road )

Shine in the dark Night Road
The Netherlands is known around the world for bicycles. People at the cars, bicycles prefer to walk. Now the cycle has created a road for those that shine in the dark.
As night falls, the road seems to be illuminated in blue and green colors. Its name van Gogh Ruja gard bicycle lane. The light bulbs do not have stones.
Van Gogh painting of the famous painter pattern of stones 'Starry Night' is inspired by. Van Gogh 125 years have passed since they made the painting look today people come to Amsterdam.
These stones are charged by sunlight during the day and night are lit. However, their lights all night also required to retain some power
The road is designed by Dan Rujagard known to the art of light in the darkness.Through this project for the future that are examples of such roads which do not have to arrange for a separate power
Netherlands Dayok said carbon emissions 95 percent by 2050. The government is aiming to reduce. The government hopes that by building roads, bicycles and the like, can reach its goal. The Finance Minister has said that the government of the Netherlands Henk tremble every year is investing two billion euros, "We have started road cycling, buses and cars gradually we will reach. We are investing heavily in it."Such is the high prevalence of bicycles in the Netherlands. These Holanderad ie bicycles Holland says. It is believed that there are cycles in the country more than the population

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