Thursday, 24 December 2015

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Bolo Shree Ram Chandra ki Jay! Pawansut Hanuman ki Jai! Rambhakt Hanuman ki jai! Mahaveer Bajarangbali ki Jai!!
Jam Sawali Chamatkarik Hanuman Mandir is one the oldest temple in India. The temple is famous for the miracles. It is located 110 km away from the town in Sausar (M.P.) and is 1.5 Km from Bajaj Square on Sausar Pandhurna Road. It is too much close to the border of the Maharasgtra state. 15 feet long idol of Hanuman ji in the temple is in  Sleeping position under a People tree, the idol has self-emerged from the ground and the beauty or magnificence of the idol is amazing and rare in India. There is mythlogical story behind this temple. One day group of thief came there for robbery. To stop them lord slept over them. Since then lord Hanuman taking rest there.
The Story about Jamsawli Hanuman is exclaiming by nature. The Lord Rama is Standing in role Of Peepal tree and the Lord Hanuman sleeping On legs Respectively Of Lord Rama With these Worshiping. Respected Lord Hanuman is sleeping on Lot of Costly Wealth of Gold’s, Diamonds. This is one of the Great Holy place.
It is also believed that no one may visit the Hanuman temple until he or she is called by the Lord. There are 2 main entry gates in the temple. One for the men and next one is for the women. Lord Hanuman here is considered Bal Bramhachari. In order to maintain the sainthood of the temple, the women are allowed to address the Lord from a particular distance while the men are allowed to go little close to the Idol.
The best time to visit the temple is Tuesdays and Saturdays and the morning 4 am Arti and the evening 5 pm Arti are worth attending.
Hanumanji of Jam Sawli grants boons aplenty and He senses your troubles and relieves you of all pain.
The Raymond (Clothing Division) Company has a factory outlet (clothing and blankets) which sells at factory prices on the way to the Hanumanji temple, You can get good stuff for very throwaway prices
I must recommend you to visit at-least one time to this great place! You can easily get a transport from Nagpur/Chindwara to go there and meet Shree Hanuman!!
Here are a few pictures that I took of the place.

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