Sunday, 27 December 2015

How to get a #Confirmed #Tatkal-ticket within 1 #Minute

There are some points to follow for common passenger to get confirmed tatkal ticket from irctc site. if everyone follow these points then no one go to station counter to get confirmed ticket as the station counter require at least 60 seconds to give tatkal ticket as they have to type manually the passenger details after 10am.
How to get a Confirmed Tatkal ticket within 1 minute from irctc site
1 Register your name in Railway ticket agency called IRCTC as this is important to get Tatkal ticket online. No one will get tatkal ticket without user id. mobile number registered along with your name in IRCTC site. If you try to book ticket with some other ID then IRCTC some times may make call to that unknown user and ask about your full journey details, leading to cancellation of tatkal ticket and difficulties in cancellation, therefore register your own IRCTC user ID now.
2 Open a saving account in Sbi bank and get debitcum/atm card which have to be used for specially for booking online railway ticket. Do not keep more than RS 1000/- money in that account. 
3 Deposite ticket money only one day before booking tatkal ticket, so that it will be safer to provide card details online. Once the ticket is booked balance will be around RS 1000/- only. By using this trick there is very very less chance of losing money in the hands of hackers.Although now days OTP is safer. 
4 Have a fast internet connection like broadband or at least net connection with 3G/4G internet plan.
5 Get touch with friend who runs PC at high speed or learn your self, this can help you to enter details required fast and book tatkal ticket within 1 minute. 
6 To get confirmed ticket, speed of the PC should be good. PC should be formatted and fresh installation of Window 7 is required. This will make your PC run faster as less functions are installed.
7 Take help of good internet operator to get installing some free software for Tatkal ticket within 45 second.Auto save all passenger details with help of new generation login software. To fill passenger details quickly. Every second counts during season and festival time.
8 First of all create at least 2 irctc Id, second one is necessary in case first on fails. You can use both ids in different internet browser like chrome and firefox. This will help you in avoiding session time out.
9 Never visit passenger detail page until tatkal period starts, this will give you easy captcha letters.
10 Keep all your debit card details typed in file and just copy paste them quickly. Never copy paste the CVV or ATM pin; I suggest entering them manually to make fast payment process.
For some train have very limited seats so, It is very difficult for common passenger to get confirmed ticket from station counter on Sunday and Tuesday of the week. 
My suggestion
Open saving account which is used for booking railway ticket and not for investment purpose . (not to keep more than RS 1000/- Rupees only deposit ticket cash one day before and make booking). 
So always use Sbi net banking in case the tatkal quota gets over in 1 minutes after opening.

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