Friday, 25 December 2015

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Jagayshwar Mahadeo Temple is a Shiva temple situated near Bandakpur Railway station. People may reach by rail or road  from any part of India since it is connected by roads from every direction. Bandhakpur Shiva-Parvati temple is about 14 kms. from Damoh district,MP.It is a temple of medieval period.However it has some Kividanties of its origin. Shiva, the supreme power according to the Hindu religious beliefs, has played an important role in the formation of Indian culture. Known as Shiva or Mahadeva in the northern part of the country and Thillai in South, the deity is considered among the three main energies behind the formation of this universe. Mostly represented in mythologies as a Yogi or a peaceful entity, Shiva is also described as a fierce deity in ancient religious scriptures in the form of a Bhairava or Nataraja.This vary Famous temple of #Lord-Shiva - The Jageshwar Nath temple. The temple is well kept, maintained, is neat and has a serene atmosphere. It's well spread, has quite spacious a courtyard and can cater for special needs like Mundan, Satya-Narayan katha and other family spiritual needs. There is main temple where Shiva-Linga is situated in main sanctum. Devi Parvati is facing lord Shiva on adjacent temple. . A miracle is said that the large flags of God Mahadeo temple and Godess Parvati temples are surprisingly get self knotted on the day of Basant-Panchami There are temples for other deities Radha-Krishna, Durga Devi, Kaal-Bhairav,Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi Devi, Devi Narmada, Hanuman and Ganesh.
BY ROAD - It is well connected by roads from all directions. It is 14 km from Damoh and 120 km from Jabalpur. Buses and regular service of other public vehicles are available from Damoh. 
AIRPORT - Nearest airport is at Jabalpur about 133 km from Bandakpur. 
TRAIN/ Railway -Though Bandakpur itself is a rail station but some long distance trains may not halt there. 
Support establishments: The township doesn't have much in terms of hotels or eating joints except for small dhabas. Full staying , resting and cheap hotels are available.There is small market surrounding the temple court-yard where you can purchase puja-items and toys, books etc
The temple opens up early morning(5.30 AM during Summer and 6 AM during Winter) but remains close for couple of hours during Mid-day.Every year, many Kanvaraiya (people who fetch Narmada Jal in water pot from Narmada river by walking from Narmada) and do Abhishek of Lord Shiva from that holy water.
Large Mela gathering happens every year on #Basant Panchami and #Shivratri. Crowd gathers on #Somvati Amavasya also.(No moon which occurs on Monday)

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