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Which is the #Most #Dangerous #Day of the #Week?

New research suggests you are more likely to die if you have surgery later in the week, but what about theft, car accidents, phishing attacks and outbreaks of war? We offer a guide to the deadliest days of the week 

Each Day of a Week Dedicated to a Particular Hindu God In Hinduism, each day of a week is dedicated to a particular god in the Hindu pantheon. Apart from the special Vratas and Upvaas, many Hindus also fast on a particular day in a week. 
Sunday is the safest, sleepiest day of the week. A day dedicated to the worship of God, rest, and duties of mercy and necessity.The safest, sleepiest day of the week, as long as you can avoid going anywhere near a hospital and don't drive behind an elderly man in a hat. Very few coups, war is unlikely to be declared, financial markets are closed, and you have already had your phone stolen so no longer need to worry about it. Best of all, the minefield that is Friday is a whole five days away. Pray hard and you might survive the week ahead.Sunday is the best day of the week to purchase airline tickets. Sunday offered the lowest fares regardless of the destination

In India, Sunday is dedicated to Lord Surya (Sun God). Those who undertake fast (upvaas) on the day only take a single meal. Oil and salt is avoided. Red is the color of the day and red flowers are offered to Surya.It is believed that Ravivar Vrat will help in fulfilling desires. People with skin diseases observe the Vrat to get relief.
Danger rating: 0/10

Surprisingly, Monday is not the most miserable day of the week. That dubious honor falls to Wednesday, when the joys of the preceding weekend have been forgotten and the delights of the next one still seem some way off. One reason for the good cheer may be that, according to research from Imperial College London, Mondays are the safest day on which to have an operation. Danger levels then rise as the week progresses. 
But don't get complacent. According to figures from the Metropolitan police, Monday is also the day when your mobile phone is most likely to be nicked. Thieves are very active on Mondays and Tuesdays, then slump in midweek, presumably becoming as depressed and lackluster as the rest of us.Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is said that Lord Shiva is easily pleased. Therefore many people observe Upvaas on Monday. Those devotees observing fast only eat food once. People visit Lord Shiva shrines and conduct pujas, especially, Ardhanarishwara puja. The mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ is chanted continuously. Siva devotees also read Shiva Purana. Unmarried women observe the Vrat to get good husbands. Others observe it for a happy and prosperous family life 
Danger rating: 4/10
Tuesday is the safest day to drive. Tuesday is the second safest day of the week on which to have an operation: lots of staff in hospitals; operating theaters working at full capacity. If you're very lucky you might even be able to see a GP, as they are rumoured to occasionally pop into their surgeries on Tuesdays. 
According to a report published last year by Nationwide Insurance, it is also the safest day of the week on which to drive, despite the fact that research suggests Tuesday is the wettest day of the week. Wet roads make for safe drivers. Tuesday had the best bargains during the traditional work
Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Durga, Goddess Kali and Lord Hanuman. Most devotees visit Devi and Hanuman shrines. Those people who fast avoid taking food containing salt at night.It must be noted here that the Hanuman might not be worshipped on Tuesday in all regions. Some communities might be worshipping some other deity. For example, in South India the day is dedicated to Skanda or Muruga or Kartikeya (Kartik). But generally Tuesday is dedicated to Hanuman.Mangalvar Vrat is observed by those couples who wish to have a son. Other benefits include happiness in the family. 

Danger rating: 1/10

Wednesday is surprisingly not the most likely day for financial collapses. A depressing day, and one not without risks. According to the Imperial College figures, it is slightly less safe to have an operation than on Monday or Tuesday. Perhaps more worrying, Wednesday is the second most dangerous day of the week for commuters who drive to work. 

Folk memories of Black Wednesday in 1992 might suggest it is also the most likely day for financial collapses, but research shows that Mondays are the shakiest day for stocks, possibly because traders buy riskier stocks on a Friday in an effort to meet their targets and these then perform badly early the following week.

Budhvar, Wednesday, is dedicated to Lord Krishna and the planet Budh or Mercury. The day is also associated with Lord Vithal, an incarnation of Krishna. In some regions, Lord Vishnu is worshiped. Keeping a fast (Upvaas) on Budhvar is believed to help in leading a peaceful family life. Those devotees who undertake a fast on the day only take a single meal in the afternoon. The fasting is observed mainly by husband and wife together. Green color is considered highly auspicious on the day. 
Danger rating: 4/10

Thursday is the best day to have sex. 
Hurrah! Today is a largely safe day. It's less risky to have an operation than tomorrow or at the weekend. A little bit dodgy on the roads compared with, say, Tuesday, but again much safer than Friday. And best of all it's a great day to have sex, since hormone levels are at their peak. Though, of course, this may bring its own dangers.
Thursday, which is Brihaspatiwar or Vrihaspativar, is dedicated to Vishnu and Brihaspati, the Guru of Devas. Thurdsay is also popularly known as Gurubar or Guruvar. Yellow is the color of the day. A fast is observed on the day and food is consumed only once. In some areas, people make it a point to visit Hanuman Temple on Thursdays.Those devotees fasting on the day wears yellow colored dress and offers yellow colored fruits and flowers to Vishnu and Brihaspati. Food is only consumed once and includes Chana Dal (Bengal Gram) and ghee 
Danger rating: 3/10

Try to avoid leaving the house on Fridays. It's not just on Friday the 13th that you should avoid leaving the house. All Fridays are lethal. The Nationwide Insurance report found Friday was the most dangerous day to commute to work by car
The findings seem counter intuitive, since Fridays are the day when people pretend to work from home (Friday has been shown to be the least productive day of the week) and the roads are less busy, but they are incontrovertible. A thumping 4,664 insurance claims a day are made for accidents occurring on Fridays. Wednesdays and Thursdays are the next highest, with Monday and Tuesday a safe distance behind. Figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US bear out the pattern, with Friday again topping the danger stakes. Nationwide concluded that drivers' concentration drops as the week wears on. 
If the car behind you doesn't get you, the cyber villains will. A report last month found Friday was the day on which companies were most likely to be subjected to a phishing attack, again because as the weekend approached, IT staff's guard was more likely to be down. 
Fridays are also dangerous politically. It is the most likely day for war to be declared and the most likely, too, for a coup d'etat – four of the 15 current leaders who seized power in a coup did so on a Friday. 
On the plus side, Friday is reckoned to be the best day to apply for a job (take note, deposed presidents), because it shows you have kept your motivation going until the end of the week, plus of course all your potential rivals are hospitalized after car accidents or have been conscripted.
Friday or Shukrawar is dedicated to Shakti – the Mother Goddess in Hinduism – and Shukra or Venus. One of the most important Vrat or Upvaas (fast) on the day is dedicated to Santhoshi Matha (an incarnation of Shakti). The fasting is also known as ‘Solah Shukravar Vrats because a devotee fasts for 16 consecutive Fridays. White color is given importance on Friday. Another deity that is propitiated on the day is Shukra, who is known to provide joy and material wealth. 
Danger rating (especially for dictators): 10/10

Beware excessive whisky consumption on Saturdays. Saturday is our happiest day, but can be risky. Beware overzealous sporting activities, exploding barbecues and, most threatening of all, excessive booze consumption. Google data shows a big spike in "whisky" searches on Saturday and an equally marked rise in "hangover cure" searches on Sunday. According to the British Medical Journal, there are more than 70% more alcohol-related hospital admissions than average on a Saturday.
Saturday Fasting Dedicated To Hindu God Shani and Hanuman Talk about Shani or Sani to a Hindu and the first reaction will be fear and then the mentioning of ill effects and troubles. Shani is dreaded by Hindus, especially by those who believe in astrology. Many people observe an Upvaas or fast to avoid the adversities and misfortunes on Shanivar or Saturday. It is believed that those who have the blessing of Lord Hanuman are protected from the wrath of Shani. Therefore many people make it a point to worship Hanuman at home or in temples. Black is the preferred color on Saturday. Shani, one of the Navagrahas, is worshipped in numerous temples and there are also temples exclusively dedicated to Sani. 
Danger rating: 5/10
The Day of the here
Sunday is our happiest day – but what about the rest of the week?click here
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