Saturday, 26 December 2015

Is# Aadhaaar #Card #Helpful to #Identify the #Person?

Yes Aadhaar is an excellent device to all investigative agents and it helps to identify a specific individual information to recognize in the event of train accident or road mishap.Since one Aadhaar number is allotted to only one person, it enables the ability to verify one’s identity universally Now aadhaar number is used to know the full detail of individual who has been seriously injured or dead. This is possible to identify the man or woman full details if he has enrolled for adhaar card. 
With finger print of people we can track the full details of person relating to place of home address his and name of patient etc. 
Before the launching of adhaar Cards, dead bodies were identified usual ID, like driver's license or voter ID. As so many people in India do not have election card and other card as a person below 18 years does not have this identification card. 
But any one can have aadhaar number regardless of their age. This adhaar card data can used to match with injured people finger print to identify and call their relative to take him back to his home. 
Let us assume that a person is found dead, police will give some information like some person and give advertisement in local news paper. Before the introduction of aadhaar card it is certainly not possible to identity the person on the basis of finger print.

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