Tuesday, 15 December 2015

#Eat with a #View: 5 #Must-Visit #Rooftop #Restaurant in #Vanaras#India

Enjoy the winter chill by dining at one of this rooftop restaurant.
One of the most important spiritual destinations in the Hindu religion, Varanasi is an extraordinary place by any standards. The jewel of India’s Ganges River, known as ‘the Great Mother’ to Hindus, once you have absorbed the overwhelming food for the soul on offer here, you’ll need to replenish your body too. Here is our guide to the top ten restaurants where you can nourish your body before reincarnationTired of the dreary fine dining set-ups? 
Get up, go out, and experience rooftop dining.
Presenting five rooftop restaurants that should be on your bucket list this winter:
Brown Bread Bakery

1. Brown Bread Bakery Varanasi “Visiting nice rooftop restaurant to relax at Varanasi's old town” When I visited Varanasi with it's very noisy traffic I was glad to find the German Brown Bread Bakery at Godaulia. I set at the rooftop high up above the stress city and just enjoyed the view while I drank the best coffee I ever drunk. At the evening time they always have a live concert in a nice room downstairs (the room is heated by fire bowls). While you get served with great international food a friendly volunteering girl can tell you something about the professional looking photos which are covering the walls. She is staying there from 7pm to 7.30pm. While I drank my coffee she told me about the organization Learn-For-Life-Trust, to whom the restaurant belongs, and that the German gay also runs a small school at Auranghabad where the children get free medical care and warm food every day.
So I had some very interesting and relaxing hours a day while I was visiting this crazy town.
Lotus Lounge

2.Lotus Lounge If it’s an oasis of calm you after, a refuge from the intense hustle and pilgrim bustle, try the laid-back Lotus Lounge, an open-air eatery on the ghats, benefiting from a bird’s-eye view of the Ganges. Perfect for all-day chilling, a serene-looking Buddha oversees the space, which is operated by an Indo-German couple, Martina and Atul, who vary the menu seasonally. They offer fresh ingredients and wide-ranging international choices: from gazpacho and red Thai curry, to ravioli, and Tibetan-style momos (dumplings). While meat is generally an absolute no-no anywhere near the river, here you can even order fresh chicken .
Banaras Haveli
3.Banaras Haveli  If you would like to see Ganga view from the roof top restaurant...than you must visit the Banaras Haveli roof top restaurant and simple and best... there are lot of the roof top restaurant in the Banaras near to the ghat from where you can see the ganga view.
Edan Restaurant
4.Eden Restaurant at Hotel Pradeep  Hotel Pradeep’s rooftop restaurant, complete with garden, manicured lawns and wrought-iron furniture, is a very pleasant place for a candlelit evening meal, or a spot of lunch during the day. Their good-quality Indian menu is also complemented with Mexican dishes, for a change – but not in temperature! A delightful oasis, and respite from the exhilarating madness of Varanasi.
Ganga view Roof Top Restaurant
5.Ganga view Roof Top Restaurant we went to this incredible rooftop restaurant. The staff guided us to the top n the ambiance was breathtaking. Whole of assighat and Ganges could be seen. A light breeze made the experience joyful ten folds.We chatted,took photographs and had noodles. 

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