Tuesday, 29 December 2015

How to #Bypass #Captcha in #Irctc for #Tatkal

I have observed that IRCTC has change the format of the Captcha in Tatkal hours which is very difficult to read, because of the size and the strikeout line which make it more difficult to read, according to my observation if anyone enter captcha quickly without paying attention to it then there is 75-90 % or probability that you will get Captcha error message.
In non Tatkal hour captcha is very clear and easy to read and error rate is 10- 20 % or less. So IRCTC intensely putting these difficult captcha in peak Tatkal hour, but question is why?
What Is Captcha
CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". It is one of the best methods to stop people using the official website unfairly. Agents started using computer programs which allegedly booked hundreds of tickets within seconds of tatkal opening time. Finally irctc website decided to implement this method, so that such agents don't get the extra edge over common people. 
What is IRCTC Captcha – IRCTC Captcha is an image with some alpha- numeric character which is unique for every page load/refresh for all users. 
Why IRCTC Put Captcha- IRCTC or any other site have captcha to stop spam or automation script run on site. 
ByPass Captha:
Bypass Captcha word in Irctc site is the important issue for ticket booking of tatkal is concerned. It is hard to Bypass Captcha word in Irctc for common people but there are some software which are capable of reading difficult Captcha letters.
Rumola Captcha Solution: Rumola is a Google Chrome and Firefox Extension which can be used to automate the captcha, than what is the problem? 
Rumola is not free and it will charge you with heavy amount in US Dollar. 
The major problem with Rumola is speed, it will take more time and manually you can fill captcha faster than Rumola 
And last it is Captcha automation and you can’t rely on it so I advise you to fill yourself manually and follow below step. 
If you are internet and software expert then you can find information about free software in the various website. you will get details on How to Bypass Captcha word in Irctc with full details.
Enter this captcha manually. Don't try any plugin or software because the chances are that the plugin/software will take more time to process the image than the human mind.
Size Problem: Size of Captcha image during Tatkal hour is very small so increase the size of image so that you can read captcha easily. You can do that by zooming your browser (I have zoom out around 200%) After Zoom Captcha is clearly visible
Once Captcha is Entered reset zoom
Reload Captcha: Most of the time IRCTC send incorrect Captcha in Tatkal hours if you reach passenger detail page quickly, so trick is always reload captcha when passenger detail page is loaded, you can do that by clicking refresh captcha image. It will not more than 1 or 2 sec to reload captcha. 
Pause 5 sec: Ounces Captcha is loaded then give a pause of 2-5 sec and read captcha carefully. Paly safe if you enter wrong captcha then you have to fill it again and in whole process you will waste around 15 to 20 sec, so my point is wait 5 sec is always good instead of wasting 20 sec. 
Confusion in letter ‘J’ : Always reload Captcha when there is letter ‘J’ or give a pause for 5 sec and make sure if J is capital or small letter. 60 % of error is coming in captcha which is heaving latter ‘J’, where people confuse between small and capital case. You can avoid this issue only when you pause for 5 sec.If get hard captcha then refresh it quickly. You must refresh captcha word when it include letter j, k, y, z, as these look same in capital and small. 
Typing Skill: Always Type Captcha with single hand and with single finger. Typing with single hand & single figure is slow but your success rate is increase by 10 – 20% 
Captcha Length: Make sure that you are visiting Passenger Detail page first time after login. If you have visited passenger detail multiple times with same login session then there are chances you will get long or difficult Captcha to enter. 
Login Time: Try to login between 09:50 – 09:55 AM IST. 
Practice Make a Man Perfect: Practice entering Captcha before booking Tatkal ticket. 
So anybody knows the trick to solve Captcha for Irctc then please comment on the topic below comment section.


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